Groin Sweat Got You Down? Here’s What to Do…And What Not to Do

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Groin sweat is a fact of life. And while sweating isn’t the most glamorous of body functions,everyone does it in one capacity or another. While most people think of sweating mostly under their armpits, your body can sweat anywhere…even between your legs.

Although sweating can be a bit gross, it’s an important bodily function. This is because sweat helps cool the body off so it can maintain a safe and healthy temperature. The entire process of sweating involves the nervous system, your hormones, metabolism, and blood flow. Simply put, sweating is a complex bodily function, and controlling excess sweat is a little more complicated than just swiping on a drugstore deodorant.

It’s not unusual for men and women to sweat between their legs—in fact, it’s a very common place to experience sweat. The human body has a lot of sweat glands down there and it can leave embarrassing odor and stains behind when you start sweating too much. This dreaded groin sweat is frustrating, but there are ways to combat it so you don’t leave any more embarrassing crotch sweat patterns in your workout leggings (we’ve all been there before).

Here's what every person should know about sweating in the groin area,how to deal with it when it happens, and most importantly,how to prevent it in the first place.

What is Groin Sweat?

Groin sweat is simply an excessive amount of sweat in the upper thigh area between your legs. The groin contains numerous apocrine glands, and since this area tends to get quite warm, many people will sweat in this area as a way to cool their body down.

Here are some of the most common causes of groin sweat.

1. Lack of General Hygiene

The first and most important step in controlling groin sweat is to focus on your personal hygiene. Most of us know what it takes to stay clean and hygienic, but if you find that you’re experiencing more groin sweat than usual, make sure you’re taking regular showers with natural soaps, and that you’re changing your clothing and underwear as needed throughout the day.

2. Carrying More Weight

People who carry more weight on their bodies are more likely to experience excess sweat because they generally produce more body heat. This is why overweight people often find they are sweatier than others. If you’re overweight and sweating more than you’d like, consider starting a new exercise plan or making adjustments to your current plan. 

3. Exercise

The number one reason people sweat in their groin? Exercise. High-intensity, aerobic exercise that gets your heart rate going is going to cause you to sweat. You have a lot of sweat glands in the groin—in fact it’s one of the densest collections of sweat glands in the body. So, when you exercise, chances are your groin will start sweating.

4. Hormone Imbalance

Our hormones control so many bodily functions, and that means they can impact how much sweat is produced for both men and women. People who have hormonal imbalances may find that they sweat more. It’s also common for women going through hormonal changes (like menopause) to find that they’re experiencing more groin sweat than usual.

5. Diabetes

Diabetes is an extremely common health condition, and one that can lead to serious changes in the body—including increased sweat production.

6. Hyperthyroidism

If you have hyperthyroidism then you may notice an increase in sweat. Individuals with this condition often experience excess sweat along with symptoms such as fatigue, weight loss, and jitteriness.

7. Diaphoretic

Diaphoretic is a term used to describe sweating caused by certain medications, including some blood pressure medications, hormone treatments, and certain antidepressants. Make sure to talk with your doctor if you’re taking medications that may lead to excess sweat.

Is it Groin Sweat or Hyperhidrosis?

When sweat accumulates in between your thighs, so much that it pools between your legs, it can indicate that there’s a more serious problem going on. It can also lead to side effects like itching, chafing, irritation, or a very unpleasant odor. This can ultimately interfere with your daily life.

When sweat is this excessive, it can be from a condition known as hyperhidrosis. This is a medical term for excessive sweating that isn’t caused by temperature or exercise but by an internal medical issue. In these situations, you will need to make an appointment with a doctor to get a diagnosis.

How to Deal With Sweat in Groin Area When it Happens

What do you do if you’re out and notice issues with groin sweat…or how do you remedy it in the moment?

  • Bring a change of clothes
  • Always carry powder with you
  • Try makeup wipes
  • Make sure to wear dark clothing that won’t show sweat stains

How to Prevent Groin Sweat From Happening

Wondering how to stop groin sweat before it starts? If you’ve been struggling with unwanted groin sweat, there are a few things you can do to get this problem under control.

1. Wear Properly-Fitting Clothing 

If you aren’t wearing clothing that fits properly, it can create a hot, moist environment in your groin area—which can ultimately cause more sweat. It’s important to wear loose-fitting clothing that allows your skin to breathe down there if sweat becomes a problem.

2. Pay Attention to Fabrics

The fabrics you wear also make a big impact on your sweating. Pay close attention to the fabric of the shorts or pants you’re wearing to make sure they are breathable and moisture wicking. It’s also important to wear the right underwear. If you wear breathable, sweat-resistant underwear it can help keep things cool down there and prevent sweating.

3. Practice Good Hygiene  

man focusing on how to prevent groin sweat

Regular showers are important for good hygiene and keeping sweat at bay. If you fail to shower regularly, it can lead to a fungal overgrowth down there, which can make groin sweat smell worse. In addition to keeping up with regular showers, you should also bring wipes along with you if you can’t shower after you exercise. Baby wipes, makeup wipes, or even antiperspirant wipes are all portable ways to keep this area clean and fresh.

4. Powders & Lotions

Body powders [we recommend talc-free], can be a quick fix for reducing extra sweat in the groin area. If you're not keen on the messy application, try a body powder lotion. Lotion-to-powder products are a game-changer. They go on smooth and silky, but dry to a powdery, protective finish. No mess. Less sweat. How is this a bad combo? Sweat is one thing, but what about foul odors from down under? You'll love this next tip...

5. Body Deodorants & Creams

Groin sweat is bad. But funky, stinky private parts can ruin the most important moments.

First comes sweat, then comes bacteria and odor. An unholy marriage nobody should have to suffer through. The fix: a whole body deodorant or deodorant for private parts.

In fact, you can fend off sweat and odor with our popular Lady Parts or Man Parts Deodorant lotions. These lotions are perfect for taming smelly, sticky, sweaty private parts.

6. Antiperspirants Wipes or Sprays

When it comes to private, precious parts. You don't want to mess around with the product that you put down there. Proceed with caution as you explore these potential solutions for groin sweat.

Seriously, consult your doctor before putting anything on those intimate areas.If sweat is excessive in your groin area, you might try an antiperspirant wipe or antiperspirant spray to stop the sweat. Antiperspirant is the most effective way to reduce sweat. However, it hasn't been clinically tested for private parts. So, again, proceed with caution.

What Not to Do if You Have Groin Sweat

So, you have a sweaty groin, but now you know some of the most effective things you can do to keep this issue under control. However, there are also things that you shouldn’t be doing as they may make your groin sweat even worse.

As you move forward with your efforts regarding how to prevent groin sweat, make sure that you’re avoiding the following groin sweat pitfalls.

1. Don’t Wear Skin-Tight Clothing or Synthetic Materials Like Pantyhose

If your body can’t breathe it has a harder time cooling off, and that leads to sweating. This is why it’s important that you avoid tight-fitting clothing and synthetic materials like pantyhose around your groin.

2. Don’t Keep Things au Naturel

If you typically keep things…au naturel down there, then it may be time to trim things up in your nether region. Pubic hair is actually a big contributing factor to excess groin sweat and odor.

3. Don’t Eat Spicy Foods

Eating spicy foods can ultimately raise your internal body temperature and cause excessive groin sweating. If you’re a hot food lover, it may be time to cut back on some of the spicier flavors to see if that helps with your sweat issues..

4. Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated

Your body needs at least eight glasses of water per day to stay properly hydrated. If you aren’t hydrated enough, your body will try to cool itself down by sweating. If you’re consuming things that impair hydration, like alcohol, it could ultimately cause you to sweat more than you want. 

5. Don’t Be Afraid to See a Doctor

If you’ve tried it all and still experience excessive groin sweat, then it may be time to go visit the doctor. Your doctor can help you determine if you have an underlying medical condition or reaction that may be causing this excess sweat. There are some situations where the only way to get over your excess sweat is with medical intervention, and while rare, this could be the cause of your sweat.

No one ever wants to deal with embarrassing groin sweat,but it does happen. The good news is, the more you understand groin sweat, why it happens, and how to treat it, the better equipped you are to make the changes necessary to finally stop being embarrassed by groin sweat.

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