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Man Parts Deodorant Lotion - Powder - WatermanMan Parts Deodorant Lotion - Powder - Waterman
Man Parts Deodorant Lotion - Powder - Waterman Sale priceFrom $13.99 Regular price$15.00
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Man Parts Deodorant Lotion - Invisible - WatermanMan Parts Deodorant Lotion - Invisible - Waterman
Man Parts Deodorant Lotion - Invisible - Waterman Sale priceFrom $13.99 Regular price$15.00

Elevate Your Ball Game

When the summer months hit, the sweaty balls problem is real. Enter the Super Fresh Man Parts collection: the savior for swampy, smelly, itchy man parts. A top-tier collection comprising an invisible ball deodorant and a powder lotion, specially formulated to ensure your man parts stay as fresh as your vibes. Say goodbye to the uncomfortable sweat and hello to ultimate groin comfort.

Stay Cool, Fresh, And Confident

Life's too short for smelly balls and cheap deodorant fragrance. Take on the day and night with Man Parts by your side. A world where the body thrives, man parts rejoice, and everyone gets a whiff of the fresh side of life.



This product is excellent! I was skeptical at first but I am a loyal customer. I used to use Chassis powder and it worked good but never made it all day. This lasts all day long and keeps you dry, smelling good, no "critches" or swamp butt.

Brennon G


I work in construction and I am a heavier guy so I sweat a lot. This stuff has saved me.



I can't live without it...or walk or sit. All jokes aside, I tried a few other brands, but this one is longer lasting, not greasy on application, dries to a fresh feeling soft touch, and washes off easily.

A Super Fresh Formula:

Natural Ingredients

Our man parts deodorants boast coconut oil for hydration and soothing aloe vera. Plus, get the natural sweat control with tapioca starch.

Clean Freshness

We've cut the crap. Enjoy a paraben-free, aluminum-free, talc-free and cruelty-free formula, ensuring you stay fresh without the harmful stuff. And for the sensitive souls, our deodorants’ hypoallergenic formula's got your back (and your balls).

Fragrance & Feel

Light and fresh natural notes ensure you're not just fresh but smelling irresistible. Expect a non-sticky feel with both the fresh balls invisible lotion and the powder.

Two Ways to Fight Funk, Stink and Swampiness

Powder Protection

Keeps nether regions cool and comfortable. Goes on silky smooth and dries to a powder coat.

Invisible Protection

Discreet but powerful, this ball deodorant provides all-day protection, ensuring you’re always ready, no matter where the day (or night) takes you.

For too long, men have searched for a universal solution that addresses more than just their underarms. We've answered the call. Super Fresh Man Parts deodorants aren't limited to the underarms (..or your balls); they are your one-stop-shop for complete body freshness.

Our formula is perfect for:


Keep them fresh and friction-free.

Groin Area

Say goodbye to uncomfortable sweat.


Confidence from behind.


Walk freely with no chafing.

Skin Folds

Those tricky areas? We've got them handled.

Private Areas

Ensuring you're always ready for close encounters.