Super Fresh Shower Wipes - Dual-Sided - Unisex

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  • Stay fresh and clean on-the-go
  • Soft Side: Smooth for sensitive body areas.
  • Scrub Side: Enhanced with exfoliating beads for deep cleansing.
  • Perfect for: camping, travel, dirty jobs, hiking and after the gym.

Stay fresh and clean anytime, anywhere.

Customer Testimonials



These shower wipes work great when you need to freshen up, but it's not convenient to take a shower. I bought some to take camping. They are unscented, a good size, and don't leave any kind of residue on your skin.

Nineva A


Perfect product for a quick wipe down after soccer practice for a teenage boy! Makes the sweat & smell disappear quickly without leftover residue.

Tamara P


These are fantastic body wipes. One side smooth, one side rough for really dirty situations, like hiking or camping. We now carry these everywhere! Useful in many situations 10/10

 Stay Fresh and Clean

Use the Super Fresh Shower Wipes as camp wipes, gym wipes, and intimate wipes. Easy to pack, tote, or tuck away to use whenever needed.

shower wipes made with clean ingredients

 Hypoallergenic With Natural Ingredients

Skin-safe hygiene wipes with aloe, chamomile, cucumber, and vitamin E. Our large shower wipes are alcohol free, paraben free, and phthalate free.

Dual-Sided, Large Body Shower Wipes

Front side is soft and smooth. Backside for scrubbin' with "Funk Beads'' to exfoliate and deep clean. Sweat, dirt, oil, and odor don't stand a chance against these deodorizing shower wipes for women, men, and kids.

keeping dry

Talc Free

no spilling

Aluminum Free

no chemicals

Paraben Free

no animal testing

No Animal Testing

Have you ever wished for a shower on the go after the gym, during travel, or after a sweaty day out? Introducing our dual-sided body cleansing wipes, designed for the busy beauty and rugged adventurer alike. 

Gone are the days of resorting to baby wipes or face wipes that barely do the job. With our shower wipes, you'll get the benefits of a full-body rinse in just one wipe. Perfect to pack in your backpack or store in the bathroom for those rush-hour mornings.

Hitting the gym? ✅ Heading out on a jet-setting adventure? ✅ Just need a rapid refresh? ✅ These shower wipes are the ultimate game changer for every vibe. Alcohol free and kid friendly, they're the fam's new go-to for staying fresh.