7 Best Products For Vaginal Odor

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You know the smell, that odor leaking through your pants that you just can’t seem to get rid of. Is it sweat? Is it BO? There’s no other nice way to describe it other than—feminine odor.

But what do you do about it?

Sprays and perfumes will only add a floral scent on top of an existing problem, and barely cover up what you have going on. You need something that will actually absorb the odor-causing bacteria on your skin and get rid of that unwanted smell for good.

You need the best products for vaginal odor.

However, not all feminine deodorants are created equal. It's crucial to know what to look for invaginal odor productsand to understand why you have feminine odor in the first place.

Let's dive right into the nitty gritty of all things unwanted odor, so you can get back to smelling fresh and feeling confident.

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What Is Feminine Odor?

When it comes to talking about feminine odor,we mean all types of feminine odor. We’re all familiar with that swampy, stinky unpleasant odor that can come from down there, especially after you’ve been moving, grooving and sweating all day long.

Feminine odor can come from virtually anywhere on the body, just like you can sweat anywhere on the body. Plus, women have a few extra areas that can create more sweat than they want to (think under the boobs and between your butt cheeks), and that can lead to plenty of sweat and even more unwanted odor.

Especially in the groin area.

But why does the groin tend to smell so bad and why do many women experience unwanted odor coming from between the legs?

To put it simply, sweat that comes from between your legs is different from the sweat you experience elsewhere on the body. This is because it's secreted by apocrine sweat glands. This type of sweat is unique because it's filled with fatty acids and proteins that feed bacteria on your body and leave behind foul-smelling acids.

Pair this with the fact that pubic hair traps sweat, and most people trap in lots of heat in this area with their underwear and clothing— and you’ve created a perfect storm for unwanted odor issues right between your legs. With the growth of bacteria and the resultant intensified odor, it's understandable why many are on the lookout for the best products for vaginal odors.

Just like with any other type of unwanted sweat and odor—the natural solution is to find a feminine deodorant that can help combat those unwanted scents.

woman smelling vaginal odor

When Do I Need a Deodorant and When Do I Need to See a Doctor?

There are plenty of situations, where the right deodorizing product is going to treat the issues you’re dealing with. However, feminine odor, especially odor that comes from down there is actually quite complicated.

If you’re dealing with a little swamp, stink and moisture between the legs on a warm day, that is one thing, but there are other types of odors that may require a visit to your doctor.

Here’s the 4-1-1 on some of the other issues that may require an in-person visit.

Bacterial vaginosis

This condition typically impacts women of childbearing age and happens when there is an overgrowth of bacteria around the vagina. If there’s one thing that we hope you learn about our deep dive into feminine odor, it's that bacteria causes odor.

Symptoms like unusual gray or white vaginal secretions, a distinctive fishy odor, or itching/burning sensations should prompt a doctor's visit, sidelining vaginal odor products for the time being.


This is one of the most common sexually-transmitted infections and can lead to discolored vaginal discharge, soreness in the groin, unusual fishy odor. You will need to see a doctor for diagnosis and antifungal medications.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes from menopause, reproductive issues or problems such as PCOS can lead to changes in the vaginal tissue and throw off the vaginal pH. If you are noticing an unusual, acidic smell coming from between your legs, it’s best to talk to your doctor about additional topical treatments or oral hormones that can help.

Trapped tampons

This is not one to be embarrassed about. In fact, most gynecologists see this one on a regular basis. Sometimes an inserted tampon can turn sideways, or the tampon string can move up into the vagina, causing you to forget about the tampon. This situation can cause a great deal of odor between your legs, but some other unpleasant symptoms as well. This includes foul-smelling discharge, pain when urinating, swelling around the vagina or fever.

If left unchecked for a long period of time, it can lead to a very serious condition called Toxic Shock Syndrome which can leave you hospitalized, or worse! So don’t forget to take out your tampons ladies.

Typically, you can tell the difference between the sweat smell that comes from the outside of your skin and your groin, with the actual smell that comes from your private parts, but if you ever have questions it’s always better to ask a doctor.

If you find that you’re experiencing night sweats in the groin area, then you could be dealing with a condition such as hyperhidrosis, diabetes or low blood sugar. Some women experience night sweats from changing hormone levels brought on by menopause, and that sweat may cultivate primarily in the groin.

If you identify with any of these concerns, prioritizing a doctor's consultation over merely seeking the best products for vaginal odoris advised. Addressing the root cause can offer more lasting and effective relief.

Other Uses For Feminine Deodorant

So, you’ve ruled out something more serious and want to try the best of feminine deodorant. But, keep in mind when searching for the best products for vaginal odor,that these deodorants are crafted to address a myriad of feminine odors.

While placing the product directly between your legs and along your bikini line is a great way to get rid of that type of feminine odor, there are other places you can use it as well. Just remember, if you are planning on using a product between your legs, focus on the groin area and avoid getting any product inside the vagina.

Behind the knees

Have you ever sat for a long period of time in shorts or a dress only to find the back of the knees have gotten even sweatier than your actual armpits. The “knee pit” issue isn’t a new one, but sometimes some of the harsh deodorants or antiperspirants can irritate the sensitive skin on the back of our legs, which is why feminine deodorants come in handy.

On your feet

Daily hustles make your feet vulnerable to excessive sweating. Addressing foot odor is nothing novel, but selecting the best products for vaginal odor can be transformative. Regular deodorants may induce rashes post socking, but a quick-drying feminine one can combat odor without inciting skin irritation.

Between your breasts

Ladies, we’ve all been there before. It’s a hot, humid day and you suddenly get a build up of boob sweat between your two girls. No matter how big or how small your boobs may be, boob sweat happens, and it can be awkward to remedy while you’re out in public. Instead of over-adjusting and sticking tissues down the front of your shirt, a great feminine deodorant can do the trick—and it means no more boob sweat or awkward boob rashes to contend with.

Along the inner thighs

Remember there aren’t any sweat glands inside the vagina, so there’s no need to put any deodorants or antiperspirants there anyway. There are, however, a lot of sweat glands on your groin. Chances are you’ve been for a run in shorts before and noticed that area can get a little sweaty and then start chafing with the friction from your legs. In short, it’s an uncomfortable sensation and one that can be helped with the right deodorant or antiperspirant.

On the booty

Ah, the dreaded “swamp ass.” It’s not the prettiest name in the world, or the prettiest issue to deal with. If you want to stop sweating between your cheeks, then you need the best products for vaginal odor. However traditional deodorants may be irritating to that sensitive skin on your backside—feminine deodorants are meant to go in all of the nooks and crannies around your butt in a safe and refreshing manner.

woman using a good feminine deodorant

This means no more underwear-shaped sweat lines on your favorite workout shorts, leggings or maxi dresses.

Women sweat. And we sweat a lot of places besides under our arms. Make sure you’re prepared to keep all of your different types of sweat at bay with one powerful feminine deodorant that will truly do it all. And remember, your skin in many of these areas is more sensitive than other areas. Make sure to discontinue use if you experience discomfort, redness or swelling.

7 Considerations For Buying The Best Products For Vaginal Odor

You know you need a feminine deodorant, and you know where else you can use it to block all of that unwanted scent and odor, now it’s time to find the right product. In the world of feminine deodorants, not all products are created equal and if you are planning on using a feminine product like this near your vagina, you want it to be safe.

With this in mind, here’s what important considerations to take when shopping for feminine odor products.

1. Safe ingredients

What you put in (and on) your body is important, which is why it is essential to make sure you’re only using products made with safe ingredients. Your skin is the biggest organ on your body and your skin will absorb the deodorant that you use.

best products for vaginal odor include aloe vera

When shopping for a feminine hygiene deodorant, that you use on all of those sensitive lady parts, it’s important to find products that don’t use parabens or Talc—they aren’t only potentially harmful for your body, but they can be potentially irritating on the sensitive skin in your groin area. Some of the best products for vaginal odor are those with natural ingredients like coconut oil, rose water, or aloe vera.

2. Non-spray formula

It’s not only important to look at what is in the formula of your deodorant, but how that deodorant is applied. Spray deodorants are common, especially with feminine deodorant products. However, it’s important to avoid spray feminine deodorants.

These can cause irritation to the vulva or external genitalia if you aren’t careful with where and how you spray, and aerosols can be difficult to control. This can lead to a vaginal infection and a far more serious problem than a little odor.

3. Quick-drying design

Let’s be honest, applying something that is cold and wet, between your legs isn’t always the most comfortable prospect. This is where a quick-drying design comes in. It’s very important to pay attention to the type of application of your feminine deodorant.

The best way to make sure you are getting the safe (non-spraying) coverage you need, particularly in delicate areas, is to find a formula that dries quickly. Without a quick-drying formula, you won’t only feel a little wet down there, but it can trap moisture along your bra line, in between your cheeks, or in your groin. And once you put your clothes on that just means a better environment for unwanted bacteria to grow.

4. Aluminum-free formula products

Aluminum isn’t always necessarily a bad thing to have in a product. In fact, when you are looking for a true antiperspirant to stop underarm sweat, you need aluminum as an active ingredient in order to keep sweat at bay.

However, if you are shopping for the best products for vaginal odor, and you care about your vaginal health, it’s best to go the aluminum-free route.

Even though products like this don’t go in the vagina, they are near the vagina and near sensitive areas of the body that can be sensitive to certain active ingredients. Instead of aluminum, which is used in antiperspirants to stop sweat, this type of product should focus on stopping odor and neutralizing the bacteria that causes that unwanted vaginal scent.

5. Moisture absorbing properties

If there is one issue that’s going to cause some discomfort for any active woman, its moisture. Sweat happens, even with deodorants, as feminine deodorants are there to stop odor.

If you’re dealing with areas that tend to get a little wet and uncomfortable, such as between your boobs, your butt or between your legs—it isn’t just about feeling uncomfortable.

If you let extra moisture build up in these dark, warm, moist areas it can lead to a number of other issues, including yeast, fungal infections, skin issues or rashes. This is why the right feminine deodorant isn’t just one that stops odor or limits sweat—it’s one that actually absorbs moisture on the body as well.

While you won’t have aluminum to make it a true antiperspirant, anything that dries to a powder that will absorb moisture will help keep that unique type of sweat under control.

6. Friction reducing

Unwanted feminine odor is one thing. It’s embarrassing and it’s smelly, but if you also have unwanted friction from those damp areas rubbing together—you have an entirely different problems. Whether you’re experiencing friction and rashes along your butt or from your boobs rubbing together or the dreaded inner-thigh chafing, these issues are uncomfortable.

A great feminine deodorant and hygiene product will reduce friction in these delicate areas without making your skin dry or sticky so you never have to go for a job and come back with burning inner thighs again.

7. Multi-use design

Remember when we highlighted a few, sweatier areas that you could use deodorant on? Well, in order to make sure that you can use your deodorant on multiple areas of the body.

There are certain products that are just meant for the groin, but we all know this isn’t the only area that you may need a little extra odor protection. A great feminine deodorant will list all of the areas of the body you can safely use the item on, so your whole feminine body will have a whole fresh feminine scent.

Our bodies are complicated organisms and they do a lot of amazing things, including sweat to help us cool down and regulate a healthy temperature. However, even though it's biologically important, it doesn’t always mean sweat is welcome, especially for women.

Excess sweat and odor can be embarrassing, unwanted, and frankly uncomfortable, which is why anyone dealing with this type of unwanted odor should turn to a feminine deodorant to get those unwanted scents under control for good.

woman on laptop who found best products for vaginal odor

In our quest to provide the most reliable recommendations, we've sifted through thousands of reviews of the top-selling products aimed at tackling vaginal odor, mainly available on Amazon and health forums. 

This list concentrates solely on the most effective solutions for vaginal odor, and the ratings are weighted with this focus in mind.

Here are the best products for eliminating vaginal odor and increasing comfort:

7 Best Feminine Deodorants For Private Parts

 7. Summer’s Eve Refresher Mist

summer’s eve refresher mist

If you're new to feminine hygiene products, Summer’s Eve Refresher Mist is a gentle place to start. This product comes in a mist form and is great for occasional use. While it doesn't offer long-lasting protection, it provides instant freshness when you need it.

Odor Rating: 40/100

Overall Rating: 50

Protection Duration: 12 Hours

6. Vagisil Feminine Dry Wash Deodorant Spray

vagisil wash deodorant spray

Vagisil is a known brand in feminine care, and their Dry Wash Deodorant Spray stands up to its name as one of the best products for vaginal odor. A more effective solution for odor protection compared to the Summer’s Eve mist but may require reapplication throughout the day.

Odor Rating: 55/100

Overall Rating: 60

Protection Duration: 24 Hours

5. Tussy Cream Deodorant

tussy cream deodorant

For those who prefer a cream-based solution, Tussy Cream Deodorant is a versatile option. While not specifically designed for vaginal use, it is considered safe and offers moderate protection against odor.

Odor Rating: 60/100

Overall Rating: 65

Protection Duration: 12 Hours

4. HH Herb & Health Feminine Vaginial Deodorant Spray

h&h feminine deodorant spray

This product from Herb & Health takes spray deodorants up a notch by offering targeted odor protection. It's formulated for vaginal use and provides a better shield against odor compared to general-use sprays. This formula is pH balanced, scented with natural essential oils, and soothes itching. 

Odor Rating: 70/100

Overall Rating: 72

Protection Duration: 12 Hours

3. Norforms Feminine Deodorant Suppositories

noforms deodorant suppositories

If you're looking for something more long-lasting, Norforms offer suppositories that can give days of odor protection. However, the form factor might not be everyone's cup of tea. Lasts very long, but recommended to use a panty liner for when it dissolves to avoid a mess.

Odor Rating: 80/100

Overall Rating: 76

Protection Duration: 3-6 Days

2. Lume Whole Body Deodorant

lume whole body deodorant

Deemed one of the best products for vaginal odor, Lume offers a versatile whole-body solution that also works well for vaginal odor. It lasts longer than most sprays and creams and offers excellent odor protection. However, most people say it works really well at first then stops working a month or two later. User reviews claim it also has a weird after smell.

Odor Rating: 85/100

Overall Rating: 88

Protection Duration: 72 Hours

1. Lady Parts Deodorant Lotion - Powder

superfresh lady parts deodorant lotion powder

Deemed #1 by users and critics alike, this groundbreaking deodorant lotion is a game-changer in feminine care. Specifically formulated for vaginal use, it offers unparalleled, long-lasting protection against odor. Its unique powder finish not only ensures that you stay dry, but it also leaves you feeling fresh and comfortable throughout even the most demanding days. Users claim it lasts longer than Lume, smells better, and keeps them drier through hot summer days.

Odor Rating: 95/100

Overall Rating: 97

Protection Duration: 72 Hours

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